Sunday - July 22, 2007

Look kids! Corn!

Random notes from the road before I forget themĀ 

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Thursday - July 12, 2007

Pete's Final Post... 


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Saturday - June 30, 2007

Interesting stuff 

At last. 

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Thursday - October 05, 2006

Defying death on the side of a mountain 


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Wednesday - September 27, 2006


The plates are now mine. 

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Sunday - July 09, 2006

Mystery film 


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Sunday - July 09, 2006

Personalized plates, part III 

Remember this discussion? 

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Monday - February 21, 2005

Driving Obscure CA Highways So You Don't Have To 

On the journey over Willamette Pass in southern Oregon to explore the Klamath region of Oregon and California, concluding with a rainy visit to Shasta Dam. 

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Friday - August 06, 2004

From the Delta to the High Desert 


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Sunday - July 18, 2004

Day trip to Lake Tahoe and the Sierras 


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Wednesday - May 19, 2004

A surprise in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley 

Driving down CA 99 from Stockton earlier this week (I had an errand to do in Modesto...) I detoured off the 99 to take CA 165 to I-5 instead of remaining on the slower 99 for the rest of the trip south. What a pleasant surprise! Most of the other 99-5 cross-valley routes are fairly dull, dusty sorts of drives, but the 165 takes you through part of the San Luis National Wildlife Reserve

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Sunday - February 15, 2004

Happy Birthday to my car 


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Wednesday - January 14, 4

Finding the Los Angeles River 


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Friday - December 19, 3

Personalized Plates, pt II 


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Wednesday - December 17, 3

Personalized License Plates 


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Sunday - December 07, 3

Finding CA 47 and CA 103 


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Sunday - December 07, 3

Mystery Los Angeles Neighborhood 


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Wednesday - November 19, 3

A Weekend Up North 


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