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When my friend and UCLA colleague Durrell was in town at the end of September to defend his dissertation he was most excited by the possibility of getting a so-called vanity license plate for his truck once his PhD had been conferred. He really wanted to get "DR RUSH" (his dissertation was on the Canadian progressive hard rock band Rush). His idea got me thinking about perhaps getting a personalized plate as well. However, personalized plates are a bit like tattoos, in my opinion: not only do you really have to know what you want the thing to say but it's also something of a permanent move. Granted, you can always stop paying the annual renewal fee for the personalized plate, but the point is you're forking over some fairly serious cash for the ability to make a public statement about yourself. So, what kind of personalized plate would adequately summarize the collective experience of an individual into seven characters (plus a half space if desired)? I spent a few moments at the California DMV's personalized plate page fiddling with some possibilities. Let me know what you think. I'm sure I'll think of other ideas, and please feel free to put your own ideas for my potential plate in the comments.

Kinda obvious choice I suppose...

Does this look like "Road Gek" to anyone? As in "Road Gecko"? Kinda worried that it does look like that!

How about this one? I really want one more character between the R and D, but ROD read far too much like "rod" instead of "road." 

Finally, the "Protect Our Coast" background is just there...because. Any other ideas for the lettering? 

Posted: Wednesday - December 17, 3 at 03:09 PM