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Did you hear about Google's new maps? They finally let you create the actual route you want to take without having to know (and type) an exact waypoint. You simply drag a part of the existing route over the new area to be included and it does all the recalculations for you. This is great for people like Pete who simply like to drive, often times making it up as we go. With the new system Pete can return home and then create a digital map of the day's travels simply by dragging. This Pete likes. 'Tis interesting.

Another interesting thing is Pete's new 'mer'can flag:
He figured the wind had to be good for something, and he's always wanted a 31-star U.S. flag (the site that sells them has been in his bookmark file for almost ten years) because a) they're neat and b) he'll dead in the cold, cold ground 'fore he up 'n recognizes the state of Minnesota. Still, Pete's been a little concerned about the integrity of the $9 flag pole (with plastic gold eagle at the top!).

By the way, you can blame R3P for the increased wind of late. SHE suggested to the apt. office that they take down the huge dead willow that was in danger of falling into one of the nearby buildings in the complex. Oops. We now know that the old girl (the tree, that is) was a great wind blocker and a decent shade creator. As it is now, it's basically like living on Mars only without two cuddly rover robots to take mineral samples from you. Full disclosure: Pete did not disagree with the telling of the office about the tree.


Posted: Sat - June 30, 2007 at 05:00 PM          

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