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The web design portfolio of Glenn T. Pillsbury

Some of the more recent web projects I've worked on.

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Web developer and programmer

This site gathers a wide range of information about online pedagogy and copyright, and functions as a one-stop introduction to the issues surrounding teaching online courses.

Intimately tied to the university's existing look-and-feel, the site features a clean layout and organization.

Brubeck oral thumb

Pacificat thumb

Presto thumb

University of the Pacific Library
Web developer, programmer, multimedia designer

From 2006-2009, my work for the library centered on three areas: developing the library's main informational web site; providing design and programming customization of the third-party online catalog searching tools; and designing a series of special mini sites for various digital collections and exhibits, such as the Brubeck Oral History Project. In all cases, I aimed to create a compelling visual aesthetic that incorporates the look-and-feel template requirements of the university and the library.

Beyond the visuals, I contributed a great deal of AJAX-based user enhancements to the catalog tools as well as siginificant custom programming for the digital collections sites.

Additional web-based projects included developing multimedia library instructional materials, such the Presto series, authored in Adobe Captivate. I also had leading roles in various turn-key solutions (room reservations, surveys, news blog) and homegrown PHP/MySQL programming projects (workstation availability, technical services invoices) that address the wide range of computing needs of library departments and patrons.

FOCM thumb

Stockton Friends of Chamber Music
Webmaster, developer, graphic design

In 2007 I volunteered to redesign the organization's web site, and I also joined its board of directors as webmaster. The design here is a far simpler and more effective site than what had been initially planned (and which never got off the ground). My vision for the site was to focus on advertising the upcoming concerts, as well as to provide some basic information about season tickets, donations, and FOCM's history in Stockton. The logo and color scheme are adopted from the organization's marketing material

Chorale thumb

The Stockton Chorale
Webmaster, developer, graphic design

I began singing with the Chorale in 2004 and was finally given the go-ahead to build a modern web site for the organization in 2006. This is a low-maintenance site designed to get the word out about the Chorale's concerts and organization. I've based the design on a blog-like organization with a front page of announcements leading to static pages for performing dates, Chorale history, organization, director bio, etc. I also serve on the Chorale's board of directors as its webmaster.

SAM thumb

Society for American Music
PHP/MySQL programmer, web developer

As a member of the society's web committee since 2004, my role in the 2006 redesign of the SAM web site involved CSS layout, PHP programming, and page conversion. In addition I have gradually built a PHP/MySQL web application for handling all facets related to proposals for the society's annual conference, from the initial submission form through the program committee's grading and acceptance of proposals. Currently I also provide primary technical support for the hosting account and share day-to-day page maintenance and update duties with other web committee members.

IASPM-US thumb

Web developer, graphic designer, programmer

The site for the US branch of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music was my responsibility from 2002 through 2008. The purpose of the site is basically to provide information about IASPM-US and the clean, elegant design reflects that purpose. I created all of the graphics and base the color scheme on the colors used in the Association's journal, Journal of Popular Music Studies. In all, the site reflects my abilities at creating an attractive and effective web site.

Madlife thumb

Web developer, graphic designer, audio/video designer, web programmer

I handled the primary task of maintaining Madlife's web presence from 2000-2006. I was responsible for creating the design of the site and for programming new features to meet the marketing needs of the band. The site featured a basic Flash splash animation, dynamic display of the band's performance schedule (including an admin interface for adding show information to the database), basic Pay Pal shopping cart and an instant payment notification script for song downloads, two special "all access" areas for registered fans, as well as customized guestbook and phpbb discusion forum. I also designed all of the video and audio examples for the site, from basic music clips to a series of concert videos.

Hotel Stockton thumb

The Hotel Stockton
Web developer, graphic design

In early 2005 I answered a call from the lead architect of the multi-million dollar renovation of the Hotel Stockton asking for a volunteer to help maintain a site dedicated to the building and the renovation. I quickly sent him the front page you see on the left, having decided that the architect's original site needed a complete overhaul (though enthusiastic, he was not a web designer). My goal was to create something straightforward and elegant, and to provide an attractive web presence for the building, its history, and the important renovation work that took place. While my design received an enthusiastic response, there was no infrastructure for handing off the design from the architect to the city of Stockton. The site is currently mothballed at

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