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Noticed something interesting today... 

Both Barnes & Noble and now have pre-orders available for Damage Incorporated. This I did not expect so soon. The first round of proofs aren't supposed to be available to me until later this week, and I've heard nothing about the cover design. Still, you don't need those things to start taking pre-orders.

Interesting how B&N and Amazon list different editions (hard cover only at B&N, paperback featured/hard cover available at Amazon) and fairly different prices. The release dates are also different: March versus May 2006. It's still early yet though. I have to say I'm a bit shocked by the $90+ prices for the hard cover edition. That edition will be a very small run aimed primarily at academic libraries, so that more than likely explains the price.

Anyway, see for yourself at the Barnes & Noble and Amazon sites. 

Posted: Monday - November 07, 2005 at 05:45 PM