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Just spoke to Cecilia. After sharing condolences over the Cubs, we worked through the book title some more. After a quick peek at Word's thesaurus, things are leaning toward:

"Damage Incorporated: Metallica and the Production of Identity"

While Cecilia likes "Business," that word brought to mind the whole "This Business of Music" thing. Basically a famous book about how to survive in the music industry, readers learn all about contracts and royalties and other minutæ involving the "Business" of music. That's not at all the image I want for the Metallica book, even though I am still interested in how the mechanisms of commerce come into play as part of the construction and negotiation of identity. "Production" seems like a nice middle ground that gets at the concept of business/commerce without getting at the M.B.A. of business/commerce.

Stay tuned... 

Posted: Wednesday - October 15, 2003 at 03:59 PM