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Wherein the author expounds briefly on upping his geek standing by using dangerously unofficial web browsers. 

I am a geek now, if I wasn't one before. My geek cred has just shot through the roof. I am so cool it's illegal. Not only have I switched my default browser away from Firefox (currently the browser that all the cool kids use) back to the uber-cool Camino (a small Mozilla-based project solely for OS X), but I'm currently using the super-uber-totally-unofficial-special-G4-optimized build of Camino that all the l33t h4x0rs use. See what I mean? Geek cred: I don't need no more, thank you very much. Seriously though, Camino rocks and I'm always so pleased with its zippy performance whenever I return to it. 

Posted: Sunday - March 20, 2005 at 11:31 AM