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I've used the Mozilla-based Camino web browser since it was at version 0.4 and called Chimera, and I've always enjoyed coming back to it after using other browsers for a while. I am definitely one of those people who switches default browsers constantly. Most recently (today in fact) I reset my default browser to Camino after a couple of months using Safari. Camino is this close to its first non-beta release, with version 1.0a1 released this week (1.0 will be the first official non-beta version, and the "a1" part is the first alpha version of the 1.0 release. Yes, betas within betas...).

Anyhoo, the point of this is to note with great satisfaction the details of the Camino print screen, particularly the Camino option in the options drop down menu.


The thing that caught my eye was the enhancement to the header/footer print controls. In most browsers you get the option to turn on the printing of the header/footer information or turn it off. As you can see, in Camino you get the ability to choose pretty much which header/footer information you want printed as well as choose how it's basically placed on the page. Moreover, you get separate controls for both the header and footer. Marvelously cool, and that's all I wanted to say. :) 

Posted: Friday - September 16, 2005 at 07:34 PM