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As you may know, I recently went ahead and bought, and I've decided to ditch the .Mac account. This past week I've finally had time to move over the blog and I've begun moving over the pictures. The blog is still using iBlog (though I think I have to pay for this version which allows FTP uploading). The pictures are being displayed using an open-source php script called Gallery. Fortunately there's a free Java application for OS X called Gallery Remote that enables drag-and-drop uploading to the photo gallery, and I can add comments and stuff using the gallery's web interface. Pretty neat, even if the Java app is a little buggy and, like most Java apps, quite un-Mac-like in its appearance and interface. But it's all free and it all seems to work.

The photos are at:


Posted: Sunday - December 07, 2003 at 03:01 PM