Category Image Cecilia's Defense 


And so Cecilia is the latest to finish the dissertation. DDr. Sun (in the German style of addressing someone with more than one doctoral degree) defended this past Thursday and I drove down to L.A. with the idea to surprise her as she emerged from the office. Of course, the timing wasn't perfect. I showed up at 2:20, which I assumed would be twenty minutes into her defense, but her committee was delayed and she was standing in the department waiting around, and thus the surprise was blown. Oh well. She was instrumental in organizing the gathering of folks who celebrated my emergence after my defense and since so many people have now moved out of L.A. I thought it would sad if she emerged to an empty hallway. Gore-Don was there as well but he had childcare duties to attend to and so couldn't join Cecilia, me, and her committee for dinner in Westwood. Following dinner, the two of us and Bob went for a celebratory spree at Amoeba Records. 

Posted: Monday - September 13, 2004 at 10:38 AM