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A few weeks ago I saw a notice on the homepage of the Hotel Stockton renovation looking for someone to manage the web site once the renovation is complete (R3 and I have been thinking about holding the rehearsal dinner there). Seeing an opportunity for a good civic deed as well as a chance to help a badly built (though enthusiastically built!) website, I Site Sucked the site onto my machine and redesigned the front page. I then contacted the owner and offered my services. I and my design were accepted and I've been working on overhauling the whole thing. It's a pretty cool project since it deals with local history and a downtown revitalization project and I'm happy to do what needs to be done (it's another pro bono thing, but oh well). I've also been asked to contribute a permanent lobby display about the renovation for the grand re-opening ceremony in late February (because I have "LOTS of graphic and design skills" heh, yeah, sure, thanks though!). Yikes. Better start channelling Gordon... :-)

Current Hotel Stockton site (warning: lots of little java applets running around)
In-progress redesign site 

Posted: Wednesday - January 26, 2005 at 10:50 PM