Ah, summer 

First, I sort of fulfilled almost every guy's fantasy on Friday: I got to go inside a sorority house (built in 1925) and walk around and imagine all the pillow fights...

Ok, weekend was grand. Truly felt like the summer has finally started (condolences to those living on the wrong side of the Earth who are descending into winter). Uncovered the grill, cleaned it up, and beef was seasoned, charred, and consumed using the table and chairs we bought last summer. Veggies as well. I'm never very confident in my grilling abilities, unlike RW's "thrill of the grill/licensed to grill" mentality, but the steaks came out wonderfully. Perfect weather, too. Oh, R3P's been growing lettuces in a large pot on the balcony, so she made a nice little salad. Stockton isn't the best place to grow lettuce of course, but I'm just impressed it's grown and is edible.

Home improvement has been the mark of the last two weekends. Last time it was Home Depot for balcony roll-up shades. Pete's grand idea was to build, in essence, an awning out from the edge of the apartment building. This would shade the balcony without blocking the view the way a roll-up shade would when it's rolled down. A couple of sleepless nights later and the plan was formed. Dowels and bolts and heavy flag-holder supports were purchased. Dowels were sawed, holes drilled, supports attached and...it worked! It was beautiful -- the shade was attached to two supports, which were themselves attached to two "arms" that connected to the balcony railing. For 10 minutes it was perfect, but then we were reminded that we live on the delta, and the winds simply don't cooperate. A 6x6 shade strung up on two 3/4" 5'-long dowels that are attached to two other 3/4" dowels turns into a 72 sq.ft. sail, and is simply no match for the delta "breeze." The whole contraption was ripped to shreds. Well, one of the supports was simply sheared apart by the wind, but the effect was a waste of about $20 in materials. Sigh.

This week we simply bought a $80 kitchen trash can. It's fancy though! And red. And then we went to Food-4-Less because we spent too much money on the trash can. Did I mention it's fancy though? And red?

Oh, there was more stuff too. Chores and groceries and Target-type stuff and pleasant tunes on the stereo courtesy of iTunes, but I'll leave those details to the whims of your imagination. Post 'em in the comments if you like! 

Posted: Sat - June 9, 2007 at 10:52 PM          

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