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Just a quick note to satiate your thirst for news.
• So looking forward to a weekend getaway in Cambria starting tomorrow. It's been a long and grueling spring (though productive!) and we're both ready for a break, and for summer. 
• Reviewed Damn Yankees! for the local paper last week. Solid effort, but I ended up calling it mixed
• We have a Ports mini plan again this year, after taking last year off (no workie, no baseball-ie). In the interim we filled our time with more...refined...outings such as singing in the opera, writing about the symphony, reviewing theatuh, etc. So, coming back to the ballpark was a little strange. Completely different crowds for the most part. Unfortunately, the Ports are a floundering, uninspiring bunch this year, and with the novelty of the new stadium worn off (beautiful though it is! the stadium I mean, not the novelty), it's a little hard to stay past the seventh inning. It's L.A. of us, but the games are soooo looooooong. Whaaaaah. 
• Work's been good, I have to say. It's annual review time right about now, and my review was transcendent. I knew it would be. I've been planning all year for it to be as such. I'm that good. Seriously. It's all about vindication. It'll be posted on the refrigerator. Ok. Back to humble-time. 
• Had my first speaking engagement on the book, or at least a chapter. Goron the Tall invited me to speak to his Writing About Music class. Had a lovely time with his students and then an even lovelier time with Mr. Tall's Woman and Offspring. Rode in Woman's Prius, first time in one of those and I finally understood what the point is, and, sad to say, I'm not really sold. Offspring and I had a nice chat about school and Dora. She's a keeper. 
• Looking forward to also to a plethora of family reunion-type events in July. One weekend for the Runners and two weekends later in Illinois for the Pillsburys. Pete and his middle brother haven't been back to the homestead in around 20 years, so it should be good. We're planning on spending about four or five extra days in the area, maybe visit Wisconsin since neither of us (Pete especially) has been to that state.

Good enough? ;-) 

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