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So, today at the library, R3P encountered a student printing out 237 pages from 4 different books. He was tying up the printing queue, and was going to be late to work himself, thanks to the pace at which the printer deigns to print PDF documents.

While waiting for the pages to print, they had a chance to chat about what he was printing, and why. The student was amazed that people used to actually purchase course readers from the campus bookstore or copy shop. Definitely an old-fashioned way to do things.

He was also surprised that there could be a legal limitation on the number of chapters that he could print out of a book that was available to him through a course website. Imagine!

During the printing process, the printer jammed twice, making him later than ever. With a few keystrokes, R3P was able to find a copy of one of the books in the library, and two more for reasonable prices through used booksellers at Pete's favorite online bookstore.

The student could save a lot of effort printing, hole-punching, and filing all those one-sided copies just by buying the books. Compared to all the time & energy (and identical letter-size pages), the books would be an actual bargain. 

Posted: Thu - October 5, 2006 at 07:24 PM          

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