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Given the merger/buyout/takeover of AT&T Wireless by Cingular, R3 and I looked into buying a "family" plan in the hopes of reducing our combined cell phone bill. Given the various requirements required of each of us and the variable variables (who says Rumsfeld speak is dead?), it looks like we're sticking with our current plans after all. In fact, the issue can be demonstrated via a PHP script:

while (PeteAndR3LookIntoCellPhonePlans) {
if (R3KeepsCurrentPhone) {
$compatibility_with_cingular_network = 0;
$failure = 1;
elseif (PeteWantsNewFancyPhone) {
$NewCallingPlan = 1;
$KeepCurrentPhoneNumber = 0;
$LowestPlanPrice = 39.95;
$failure = 1;
if ($failure) {
echo "Looks like you're stuck with your generation 1.0 cell phone, Pete. At least the current plan is pretty good and reasonably priced.";

Posted: Monday - November 22, 2004 at 12:47 PM