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Our storage space was broken into sometime today. Apparently happened in broad daylight somehow, but there's no real way to know how it happened. The lock was just missing when R3 went to arrange some stuff, and I found it inside the doorway, snapped with those lock breaking things. Bolt cutters, that's the word. Our stuff was rifled through fairly thoroughly and we did lose the gym bag I keep guitar chords and other audio cables in, and a box of a few wedding towels. Surprisingly, they didn't just leave the door wide open with stuff spilling out, but put things back so that the door could at least be closed. We bought a new lock, one that should prevent bolt cutters from accessing the locking arm, but we have to wait until Monday to put it on because we need to get it approved by the storage people (we're out of town until Sunday). For now they've put one of their locks on the door, but it's one just like our old lock, so hopefully it won't get broken as well.

Sunday evening -- Was able to put new lock on the storage space. It's not 100% perfect because the heavy plastic shielding actually prevents the lock from being inserted through the optimal middle slot in the door latch. Still, the shielding around the lock arm does greatly reduce the amount of the lock arm that is exposed. Spent about 20 minutes repacking things on Monday morning, which was actually a good chance to reorganize. The gym bag was taken, but the wedding towels were not actually taken, so that was a nice little surprise. 

Posted: Wednesday - August 03, 2005 at 09:30 PM