Friday Random Ten 

A list of ten random iTunes tracks for your Friday (published on Saturday, don'tcha know) 

1. "Absence Of Light" by Symphony X from V: The New Mythology Suite 
2. "The Wall Of Life" by Saviour Machine from Saviour Machine 
3. "I Want You" by KISS from Rock And Roll Over 
4. "Otsego Undead" by Static-X from Machine 
5. "The Big Medley" by Dream Theater from A Change Of Seasons 
6. "Hello" by Evanescence from Fallen 
7. "Haunted Shores" by Cradle Of Filth from Dusk... And Her Embrace 
8. "Not A Minute Too Soon" by Vixen from Best Of Vixen-Full Throttle 
9. "Back Home Again" by Cinderella from Night Songs 
10. "Never Enough" by Dream Theater from Octavarium

Favorite track: "Absence of Light"
Least favorite track: "Never Enough"
Favorite album: V: The New Mythology Suite  

Posted: Sat - June 3, 2006 at 09:52 AM          

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