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An exciting package arrived yesterday: the long-awaited OS X version of the Finale music notation software, Finale 2004. Standing as one of the last major software application to be made OS X compatible, Finale's arrival not only means I now have absolutely no reason to launch Classic but the new version also holds some nice things, I think, for you all.

One of the new features in F2K4 (all the cool kids refer to it that way...) is the ability to save a music score as a sound file. Moreover, because Finale knows about MIDI, you can actually get some reasonably good sounding instruments assigned to the instruments in your score, and that sound data is exported as part of the sound file. All this led me to rediscover some very long-lost compositions from my undergrad and early grad school days at UC Riverside. Some are sweetly earnest, some are bombastic and aggressive, and some are just plain weird. And I thought it might be fun to put them online. While I'm still putting together the design, I'll at least give you a peak at the header graphic:

I expect the page to be up in a few days. Stay tuned... 

Posted: Sunday - January 25, 4 at 03:10 PM